Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cell Phone Bags

These were all made from leftover yarn from other projects - once I got started, I couldn't stop! They are approximately 6" x 4" - just big enough to hold a cell phone, and maybe a credit card or some cash. They could also be used to hold a small camera, or when made a little bit longer, a pair of glasses. The short straps can be buttoned onto a belt loop, and the longer straps can be worn around the neck.
Blue and dark Green felted bags:
About 50 yards of bulky yarn 100% wool yarn (the blue bag was made with Lopi, and the green with Galway bulky)
Size 13 straight needles
Cast On 25 stiches on #13 straight needles.
Work in St. stitch (knit one row, purl one row) for about 8"
Bind Off 13 stitches.
Work in St. stitch on remaining 12 stitches for about 3", then decrease on each side every other row twice. Bind Off.
Pick Up 4 stitches on one side of bag and knit every row for aboutr 8-10"
(Longer if you want a shoulder strap). Bind off. Fold bottom half up to flap, and sew side seams.
Felt as usual. Cut slit in flap for buttonhole, and sew on button. Cut a slit in end of strap for buttonhole, and sew a button on the side of the bag.

Black and Rust colored "Incredible" Bags
About 50 yards of Lion Brand Incredible
Size 10 straight needles
Cast on 12 stitches.
Work in garter stitch (knit every row) for about 12"
Next Row: K1, SSK, K to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1
Next Row: Purl Next Row: Knit Next Row: Pearl
Repeat these 4 rows once.
Next Row: (buttonhole row) BO the middle two stitches
Next Row: CO 2 stitches over BO stitches
Knit next row and then BO.
Fold in half and sew side seams.
Cut a piece of the Incredible the length you want the strap to be and thread onto a large-eyed needle. Secure one end to one side of the bag, and thread desired beads onto the yarn. Attach to the other side of the bag. Sew button to correspond with buttonhole.
The black bag has a readymade trip sewn on the to bottom. The rust color bag has fringe on the flap.

Brown Suede Cell Phone Bag
About 50 yards of Lion Brand suede
Size 8 straight needles
Size F crochet hook
CO 20 stitches. Work even in St. stitch for about 6" or desired length. End on WS.
Flap: BO 10 stitches, knit remaining 10 st.
Next Row: SSK, k to last 2 sts, K2 tog.
Next Row: Pearl
Repeat these two rows 3 times more. BO remaining stitches.
With crochet hook work one row of SC around flap. Ch2 and work 1 dc in each sc to center of flap, chain 3 for button loop, skip one sc, then work 1 dc in remaining sc.
Fasten off.
Fringe: Cut 5" strands of yarn, fold in half, and using crochet hook pull through each dc of flap.
Strap: Using crochet hook, make a chain the length you would like the strap to be - attach to each side of bag.
Lt. Green Felted bag with fur trim:
About 50 yards of worsted weight 100% wool yarn (I used Cascade 220)
Small amount of fun fur (I used Splash)
Size 10.5 straight needles
Size H crochet Hook
CO 36 stitches.
K in St.Stitch (K one row P one row) for about 8"
BO 18 stitches and knitin garter stitch on remaining 18 stitches for about 3"
Next Row: K1,SSK,K to last 3 st. K2tog, K1
Next Row: Knit
Repeat these two rows once. Bind Off. With crochet hook and fun fur, SC around flap. Sew side seams.
Strap: Pick Up four stitched on side of bag and knit in garter stitch for about 12" depending how long you want the strap to be after felting. BO
Felt as usual. After felting, cut slit in flap for buttonhole, and sew on button to correspond. Cut slit in end of strap, and sew button on side of bag.

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Hi Jane, found you on Ravelry. Thank you for the really nice patterns!