Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Using up Stash

Is my goal this summer! And here are some of the results. The little change purse was knit with two strands of yarn held together (a Noro and a solid) in a k1, sl 1 pattern like the stash bag below. The gold & yellos clutch is Cascade 220 and the striped is Noro. What a difference in the felting process. The Cascade took about 10 minutes total to felt, while the Noro took about 45 minutes and you can still see a little bit of stitch definition.
Brown & Gold Felted Clutch:
About 50 yards of each color
Size after felting 8"x4 1/2"
CO 76 sts.
on 16" or 24" size 10 1/2 circs and join. K in main color for 4 1/2 "
Dec. 2 stitches in next row. Attach CC color - knit for 4 1/2". Dec. 2 sts. in next row. BO 36 sts.
Knit in st. stitch for 4 rows, then decreast on each side every other row until 10 stitches remain.
BO. Crochet around flap and opening (optional). Sew up bottom seam and felt. Sew on button and cut a slit in the flap for button hole.
Noro Felted Clutch:
Size after felting 8"x4 /2"
One skein of Noro Kuryon (I used every bit of it)
CO 76 sts on 10 1/2 circs and join. Knit around for 4". Dec. 2 sts. in next row. Knit for another 4", Dec. 2 sts in next row. BO 36 sts. K 2 rows. Dec. on stitch each side every other row until there is just enough yarn left to sew up the bottom seam. Felt. Sew on button and cut a slit in the flap for the button hole.
Change Purse:
Size after felting About 4" x 4"
Small amounts of 2 colors of
worsted weight yarn
On size 8 needles CO 20 sts.
Row 1: K1, Sl 1 across
Row 2: Knit across
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until piece is about 10" long.
Next row: K 8 sts in sl st pattern, BO 4 sts. K remaining 8 sts in sl st. pattern.
Continue in pattern until piece measures about 11".
Fold bottom up about 3 1/2" and sew side seams. Sew on button.


danielle said...

which one was in the bottle for cthe swap???

Unknown said...

LOL . . . I was thinking the same thing that Danielle was!

Great colors and interesting about the felting process.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

There lovely and such a good use for left over yarns in ones stash:)Hugs Darcy

Joyce said...

They are beautiful! You do such a good job. Thank you for posting the patterns, too.