Sunday, January 11, 2009


No, that's not pirate talk - that's what you say when you felt a pair of mittens and the thumbs felt closed!
Here are the giant mittens. They are knit with Galway in Gray Heather (not the green that they look in the photo. I just used a basic mitten pattern, but used the men's size and went up a few sizes on the needles. Then - into the hot water. The first time I checked they were still too big. The next time - Arrgghh! The thumbs had felted closed. I shoved the handle of a wooden spoon up in them and opened them up and then stuffed them with plastic baggies.
Here they are drying. I think I may do some needlefelting on them - but mostly they are to keep my hands warm! Next I am going to try thrummed mittens. I think they must be the warmest things going!


Dandy said...

oh no Jane.. at least you got them apart again!!

Turtle said...

oh no! at least you fixed it!

Unknown said...

Those mittens look great and warm. I've always wanted to make thrummed mittens.

Aunt Kathy said...

Nice felting queen.
Can you felt something if it has been stuffed with fiber fill?????

Georgi said...

I tried some thrummed mittens on at my LYS and they are just gross to me for some reason. But I like the felted ones you made.

katerina said...

If you still wanted to felt them more, I'd suggest stuffing/lining just the thumbs with plastic bags and then loosly pinning the stuffing in place. That way the thumbs stay open but the mittens can felt a bit more.
Plus I'd think it'd be eaiser just to felt the thumbs down then the entire mitten.
Hope they turn out well! They're beautifult!

SimplyMe said...

WTG solving your felted thumbs!!!!!

I've done thrummed once and gave them away. I'm considering doing a set for myself as well. They'd be great when shoveling or snow blowing.