Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let it Snow - I'll Knit a Bus

Might as well - it's not like I can stop it or anything! School closed at noon today in anticipation of another snow storm. It started snowing just in time for the drive home and is supposed to continue all night. So, I took advantage of the extra few free hours by going home and cleaning my house - well no! Of course I'm kidding. What I actually did was finish up another pair of Norwegian House Slippers . They are the same colors as the other pair, just in a different sequence - and for some reason these look a lot bigger! But no worries - they are going to shrink anyway when they go for their hot bath.

And if it keeps on snowing I can always knit some school bus cozies! (that would be right after I clean my house) I'm sure the bus drivers would appreciate them on these cold mornings. Check it out here.

And, guess what I just noticed - this is post # 498 for me! And that, of course, means I need to come up with a 500 posts contest. Check back in a couple of days to see what it will be!


Yarn Devil said...

More snowstorms eh? That is alot of knitting on that bus! Very neat to see though, thank you for sharing.. your slippers do look big..But will be great and warm when they take their hot bath!

SimplyMe said...


yeah, you better get right on that cozy!!

Enjoy your day off and FORGET the cleaning. It's Sooooooooo overrated.

Great looking slippers, again!

Aunt Kathy said...

I felted my second pair of slippers today. These are much better sized, LOL.

aksunflour said...

ROFLOL! gotta love the bus. am so going to use that one. (but I think the link is broken).

DH wondered what on earth it was, and Tot said it was pretty silly.

Unknown said...

I just have to make me a pair of those slippers. Maybe all in black so I can wear them in the office and no one will notice. Hmmmmm.

Our schools closed yesterday morning . . . we got about 12 inches of snow. We are supposed to get another 4 or 5 tomorrow. We are trying to break the record for the most snow in history in January. I hate breaking these kinds of records. I did post some pics on my blog about what it looked like yesterday before I left work to go home. One of my co-workers spent 3 hours on the road to get to work. Seriously, I told her that at 90 minutes I would have turned around.

Be safe.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

What awesome slippers:)Hugs Darcy