Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rainy Sunday and some FOs

It's another rainy day - this is getting very depressing! I do have some FOs to add to my 52 in 52 list. I came across this hat on Ravelry and knew right away my DGD would love it. I crocheted it with some wool I had in my stash, but I think I'd like to make it in cotton for the summer. At least I was able to get a photo of it on my manikin head before she made off with it (DGD, not the manikin). It's a very fast crochet - easily made during one baseball game.
The pattern is available here.

I also finished "Wavy" from - it's a little raggily along the edges, but a little blocking will fix that. This was made with two skeins of Galway wool.
And I will be putting that contest together soon!


Unknown said...

What a great hat!

We have been having nice weather, interspersed with horrendous thunder storms and heavy rains.

Vanessa said...

Have to ask was the scarf hard? it looks soooo pretty~!