Saturday, June 06, 2009

You Are Spoiling Me!!!!

I "met" Vicki when she was my upstream pal in an International Tote Exchange a couple of years ago. She not only sent me a fabulous tote in that exchange, but she also sent a lot of other goodies including some hand spun yarn from one of her own alpacas. I've been following her blog and we've been e-mailing ever since. Yesterday I received another package from her with a note saying it was a little something for me to do when I retire.

Inside was some handspun yarn in a hand crocheted 'yarn bra', a pen that spells out 'knit & pearl' on it, some creme savers, the blue letters spell out 'relax' which I plan to do a lot of! And in the package are some pretty stitch markers that she also made. I will never be bored when I retired with all of these wonderful friends right at my figertips! Thank you for being my friend Vicki!

And more spoiling. Last night I went out to dinner with a group (8) of co-workers. We had a wonderful dinner, sat talking for hours afterward (luckily the restaurant was not busy), and they surprised me with a Red Sox shirt and two tickets to a Red Sox game!!!! I am so excited!!! The tickets are for the July 24th game against Baltimore.


Dandy said...

Jane I hope you enjoy everything... esp your retirement.
I'm so glad we met too!! you've been the bestest internet friend ever.

Unknown said...

What fun!!! All the knitting stuff and Red Sox stuff . . . boy do your friends know you and, obviously, we don't want you to be bored.