Sunday, February 22, 2009

Game Night

Wii bowled, wii golfed, wii played horseshoes, and....wii never left our living room! It was a fun night playing with our new toy - the Wii Nintendo - with our friends Layne & Tim. I made a crockpot stew, and Layne brought the salad, so no one had to take time out to cook. It was a perfect way to end vacation week. (Do you notice the bowler on the right - that's right, no legs! What's up with that?

I need a bit more practice on my golf swing!

And it looks like we may get an extended vacation if the weatherman has his way. 5-9 more inches of heavy, blowing snow expected for late tonight into tomorrow morning.

It will either be a day off, or a very scary drive into work!

My SIL wrote that when she was in NYC recently she saw a vendor selling knit hats with earflaps and braids. She wanted to stop and get one to wear when she was out shoveling snow, but was in a hurry at the time, and didn't stop. Her birthday is next week, and I didn't have time to knit one, but I did come up with a crochet version of what I think she was describing. This took less than two hours to crochet and I will be able to get it in the mail to her in time for her birthday. It's a modified version of the Kirsten Hat. I'm hoping she won't have to shovel any more snow this year (she's in NJ), but just in case......
I also CO for another Old Shale Smoke Ring using the Plymouth Happy Feet that I received from BJ in my prize package. I love this yarn! And I love the Knitpicks Knitting Chart Keeper. This is a really easy pattern to do - but I still have to remember which line of the 4 line pattern I'm on (I'm easily distracted!) I think with this chart keeper I could actually do a more complicated lace pattern. I'm also using my Knitpicks Harmony Options, which I love. This sounds like an add for Knitpicks - hmmm - maybe they will give me some free yarn??


Aunt Kathy said...

Hey Jane... our WII is connected to the Internet... is yours? If you get an extended vacation we could bowl together.

I can't figure out how to hit the ball in golf, my girl just moves around, grrrrr

SimplyMe said...

Love it!!! I have a wii too, if one of us decides to get technical we can ALL play...and btw, some of the wii baseball players don't have legs. I love it, they crack me up.

Cute hat. Where'd you get the display head? I wish I could find one for free on the side of the road! It's one of those things that'd be nice, but I won't spend $$ on. Kinda like sock blockers.

I haven't played golf. It has something to do with it being GOLF! LOL.

Hope you have one more day off!


aksunflour said...

love the hat- but can you line it so the wind doesn't blow in?

Good to see that someone else is out enjoying snow instead of tulips and daffodils.

Unknown said...

We wii'd all weekend! Bowling, golf and tennis. Zachariah and Lindsey played baseball on Sunday with Lindsey trying to get her fast ball up past 93 mph. Sunday she kept complaining about how much her arm hurt. LOL.

Love the hat. The snow that was predicted for us, skipped right on by. We got less than an inch.

I have the chart keeper too. What a great tool.