Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knitting May Delay Memory Loss

According to recent findings at the
Mayo Clinic knitting regularly may significantly reduce your risk of developing dementia. Now we have one more reason to be compulsive knitters!

And according to Richard Rutt in A History of Hand Knitting- "In the 1500's knitting was often seen as a way of keeping people out of mischief and of relieving their poverty" As the Yarn Harlot says on today's calendar page - how things have changed! While it may still keep us out of mischief, it hasn't done much to relieve us of poverty!

So yesterday in order to ward off dementia and keep out of mischieve while relieving poverty...... I sat in front of my picture window with the sun beating in (well beating is an exaggeration) and I finished my bamboo/silk cowl. It's kind of tight - fits snugly around the neck, but it's very soft so I think it will be comfortable.

Then I switched over to crochet - from a book called 24-hour crochet projects I found a hat that was supposed to take 'about two hours' - I sat down to watch Oprah at 4 o'clock, and by the time the early news was over at 6 I had this hat finished. It's going to go to my best friend in NJ - I'm going to call it her "Welcome to the Red Hat Society (or medicare) hat" because she has reached that magic age!

After supper (a ham/spinach/cheese quiche I had made up earlier in the day)

I worked on the felted bag I promised a friend while trying to follow an episode of Lost in which I had no idea what was going on (exercising my brain again, you see).

Today is a snowy day..........
Hmm - a perfect day to keep out of mischief , ward off dementia, and relieve poverty by reducing my yarn stash!


SimplyMe said...

Oh, I love every single one of those arguments for knitting!

Great lookin' stuff, my dear.

Aunt Kathy said...

I heard that about knitting and memory loss on the news, but I can't remember where or whenI saw it... hmm I haven't knit in 2 days either... perhaps we now know why

countrychicken said...

Ward off dementia - keep you out of mischief - Yes. Keep you out of poverty- No. Some of that yarn I want will break the bank. Enjoy your vacation...

JoyB said...

Ok I hae to have the Quiche recipe. LOL I am now very hungry and I love quiche. Hugs. JoyB