Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few FOs

Things have been a little (well a lot) crazy around here lately, dealing with health issues that I won't go into right now - but I have been knitting (obsessively!) and here are a few completed projects. The snowman is a project from the Ravelry Group - Lisa's Designs. He is crocheted from Caron dazzleaire yarn, which is a little fuzzy and sparkly (doesn't show up in the picture).

The hat is a very simple pattern but the yarn it is made with is so very soft! It is Bernat Bamboo (who would think that bamboo could be so soft!) It's a bulky yarn and the hat is knit on size 10 needles. CO 60 - knit in the round for 7 - 8 inches, then decrease every other row until there are 5 stitches left.

This is my Baktus Scarf (Ravelry pattern) knit with Noro Kuryon sock yarn. It would seem like a boring pattern - all garter stitch (knit) increasing every fourth row for half the scarf and then decreasing every fourth row for the second half, but the color changes in the Noro yarn made it interesting enough to keep going! I love the scarf - hoping it will block out just a little bit longer.
And I think this puts me over the 52 in 52 top!


Grace said...

all very pretty congrats on reaching your goal!! Hope the health issues get resolved I know all too well how hard that is!

SimplyMe said...

I hate reading that health issues have embedded into your life. Uncool. Hope they get fixed soon. Great knits!!! That snowman is way too cute.

BTW - Sweet Caroline and Round and Round by Ratt do not make good playing partners!

Unknown said...


Hope your health issues get resolved quickly.

I love the scarf and have some Noro Silk Garden so I am going to make myself one of these. Did you only use one skein?

Take care of yourself.

Mary Lynn

Chris said...

Hope all is ok Jane. Love that baktus--I am making one now--my chemo knitting--mindless--helps the time. I have some noro sock yarn--may just do a second one.

sara said...

Mr. Snowman is a cutie!

danielle said...

Nope nope nope. Not fair. Not fair that you retire and have health issues. So so wrong.

How did you like knitting with that bamboo yarn? I didnt like it as much as I thought - too soft - and it seemed to grow (I made a scarf when I wanted to try out the yarn) - more in width than length tho!

Joyce said...

Some wonderful projects, Jane. That snowman is adorable. The hat is great. It looks like it knit up quickly. And I love how the snowman and the bee are sharing the photo! I love the Baktus, and it's on my list to do soon. Such a simple pattern, but it fascinates me. I've seen it done with larger yarn, almost a worsted weight, very soft reclaimed cashmere, and it's more of a shawl. It's beautiful with the sock yarn you're using.

I'm sorry for the health issues you're facing, and hope they are soon resolved.