Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Is this Spring?

Or is this just a tease? There is no snow on the ground, the sun is out, and we are supposed to hit 50 degrees today! I can even see a few shoots coming up in our raised herb garden bed. If you look really close you can see them through the window.

So, thoughts are turning to Easter, which is also early this year. The felted Easter Basket is from the Ravelry pattern A Petite Felted Bag.

I think I will make the next one a little bit shorter. The bunny is a Lionbrand crochet pattern "Best Bunny" Isn't he cute? Quick and easy to make too.

On the needles now is the "Stupidly Easy Triangular Shawl" I absolutely love this yarn. It was a gift from Chris in a Whoduknit swap and is hand dyed Silver Merino and Cormo firestar, silk and Mohair, handspun by Chris from a Romney sheep named J.S. The shading on this yarn is awesome and the texture is just perfect for this shawl.


Grace said...

I should turn my thoughts to Easter too and knit something for it!! I did bunnies one year, eggs last year maybe this year will be lambs. We have flowers in bloom here in NJ little forget me nots, and winter aconite, the snow is disappearing in all the east and south locations although the northern ones still have feet of the stuff. I am going to go from this nasty cold right into pollen seson

SimplyMe said...

Beautiful yarn!!! That will look just lovely. Cute bunny, as well. You always come up with some of the cutest stuff around.

I say GO FOR THE BOTTLE COZIES. You are right, all of the easy parts of a sock! Love it! It's my new obsession. go figure!

Love ya woman

James cuck said...

It looks like cute and lovely doll.
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