Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prom 2010

Jacob and his date Lizzie on the left in red.

Jordyn and Trevor (on the left) and friends. Did you ever see such gorgeous gowns? Jordyn and the two girls on the left, Kelsey and Sarah were Prom Queen nominees. Jordyn was elected Prom Princess, and the boy in the white tux, Josh, was the Prom Prince.

Jordyn & Trevor

Jacob and his date Lizzie. Jacob was elected Prom King!

Jordyn (Prom Princess) & Trevor
Jacob (Prom King) & Calob


Dandy said...

what a good lookin' bunch of kids!! I can't believe that DJ will be there in 2 yrs!

Linda said...

Jacob and Jordyn look wonderful! The background scenery is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Very, very nice. They look all grown up!

James cuck said...

You got some wonderful pics,nice.
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