Thursday, July 08, 2010

Christmas in July

I've been in a knitting slump recently, but then was inspired by these Christmas stockings on the Holiday Mystery Gift-along. You have to join the Yahoo group to get the patterns, but it's a fun group, and there is also a crochet version of the Christmas stockings. Terry, the designer of the knit stockings, and her husband quit their jobs, sold everything, and now live aboard their 50 foot Gulfstar Sailmaster and cruise wherever their vagabond spirits take them! You can read about their adventures on her blog. Terry is an avid knitter and designer and very generously shares some of her designs with her Yahoo Group.

This one is the textured stocking with a snowflake motif and a tree motif done so far. It's really not hard - just follow a chart with knits and purls. The heel might prove to be a little challenging if you have never knit socks before.
This one is the stranded version, with the tree motif and the deer motif done so far.

These stockings are addictive. While I'm knitting one I find myself thinking about which one I'll be knitting next. I'd like to make at least one for each grandchild, and then maybe for the rest of the family.
I've got plenty of yarn (thanks to Roni) and I'm having a lot of fun with this.
I'm still plugging away on my feather and fan shawl. Finished reading Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish, which I loved and would definitely recommend, and I'm now reading P.D. James, The Private Patient, which I am also enjoying. Both of those books are selections from my Whoduknit Group.
Hope you are all staying cool and enjoying your summer!


Paula C. said...

Your stockings look spectacular! I have not yet started on mine but I did manage to purchase the yarn for two. I will knit the textured one in red wool, and made the crochet one with blue and white acrylic yarn. I do plan to make more but won't allow myself to get the yarn for them until I have at least finished one of these. Or, next week, whichever comes sooner, lol. Can't let those 50% off coupons from Michael's go to waste!

lauriec said...

Beautiful stockings! I've been in a slump too but seem to have recovered!

Hope you're not melting in this heat!

Dandy said...

those stockings are amazing!! I esp like the white one!