Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Easter Baskets

I'm having fun using up my leftover felting wool to make felted Easter Baskets. For this one I used left over Cascade 220 and cast on 35 stitches. I knit back and forth for 35 rows (17 ridges), then picked up 17 stitches along the side, the 35 CO stitches, and 17 stiches on the other side and began knitting in the round, changing colors every 10 rows until it was about 12" tall. I made the handle from a 7ft. long 5 stitch I-cord, which I cut in thirds and braided after it was felted. After felting the basket, while it was still wet, I put an oval shaped box wrapped in a plastic in it so the bottom would dry in an oval shape. For the fur trim I CO three stitches with two strands of fun fur and knit a strip long enough to go around the basket. After the basket dried, I sewed the braided handle on and glued the fur piece around the top. This is the result. For my next one, I think I will knit the fur right into the last couple of rows of the bag, and maybe add some other bits of novelty yarn along with the wool. More Easter Baskets to come!

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Kim in Oregon said...

What a great idea!

I look forward to seeing some pictures of your felted soap!