Saturday, November 04, 2006

Warning - Danger!

Swap-bot is a very dangerous place to be - DON'T GO THERE! Don't click on that link! You will end up spending the rest of your life at the post office - your mailman will hate you. Your family and friends will question your sanity. Don't click on the Funky Scarf Swap or The Knit Kit Swap and whatever you do, don't click on View All Swaps
That Funky Scarf Swap is soooo tempting....but no, I have willpower!
But..seriously. I'm not sure about this whole Swap-bot thing. It seems very impersonal - like an automated swap. I guess I'll see how the Knit Mitt Kit Swap turns out. At least that one has a home page where you can post.

I guess I should post a warning about going to your local book store too. I found One Skein Wonders at mine today. I love it! I think I like it better than One Skein. I don't think there is anything in it that I wouldn't want to make. Like one of the scarves.. Hmmm - I still have 8 hours to sign up for the funky scarf exchange.
I also picked up a copy of Frankenstein for $2.00. That's the book Knit the Classics is reading this month. But after reading the first couple pages - I really don't think I want to read it. Too many other good books on my list. Which leads me to - or maybe leads you to the poll for the Whoduknit December Holiday Mystery book. There are some great choices and great possibilites for projects to knit.

P.S. I'm weak, I'm very weak! I just signed up for this swap


Pati said...

Be have the will power!! Keep chanting, no scarfs, no scarfs. The alpaca yarn is calling you instead, listen, hear it???

AR said...

Have fun swapping!!

LeslieJ said...

Jane, you are such the enabler...I have to stop reading your blog, you are opening up a world I did not know existed!!! HAHAHA
signed up for the MDK swap too.

Unknown said...

Phew, it was close . . . but I did indeed press the back button . . . of course, I've been spending almost the entire morning figuring out what to get my Knit Mitt Swap.

Stephanie... said...

Have decided that Swap-bot doesn't like me --so I'm safe. It won't let me sign in!!!!!