Friday, February 08, 2008

The Daily Chum

If you haven't visited Lime and Violet on The Daily Chum, don't waste another minute - run right over there now to find patterns like the cute Easter Egg Cozies, Rattlesnake Creek Socks, an adorable heart dishcloth, plus more, more, more, every day!


Yarn Devil said...

Thanks for the link! Neat stuff over there!

Unknown said...

Well,I don't knit ,but I have always wanted to.I think its a cool hobby.
I see that you are a second grade teacher,pardon me if I'm wrong.I'm only a sixth grader.I recently joined because my friends suggested I do so.
I have a qick question:What is the best part about knitting? I have asked other people that and they reply ''I like to see peoples faces when I give them something knitted.''