Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White St. Patrick's Day?

But it's more like a nightmare! Yes, it's snowing again in Downeast Maine!

I've been working on a couple of St. Patrick's Day projects (My maiden name is Donnelly after all!). This Shamrock dishcloth and a
A mini-accordion album -

just have to find some pictures to go in it - a good snowy day project.
I finally have some pictures of the State Cheering Competition in Augusta, ME. in February.

The girls did a great job - made it to the finals (call backs) and came in 4th in the state.



Bonnie O. said...

congrats to your GD's team!!!

Miss Me said...

congrats to the tigers. sorry about the snow... it swung south of us and hit nova scotia instead. small mercies!

Vicki said...

Nice pics of the girls.
As far as the snow, I wish it was snowing here, a little south of you.

Joyce said...

Go Sumner Tigers--the girls look great!

What yarn did you use for the dishcloth? I can't remember seeing that bright green before among my usual dishcloth yarns. Maybe I just wasn't looking for it at the time. And I love your mini-accordion album!

Unknown said...

The girls look great and I really like your St. Patrick's day project.

I am so tired of snow, although it was 45 all weekend, it wasn't warm enough to even make a dent in the amount of snow we have piled up!

danielle said...

4th in the state! Congrats to them! (I think it was the caps you made for them!!!).

All of your albums are SO could have such fun selling them at any of the local shows around come on out and sell some and meet the CA people!!! LOL

aksunflour said...

wow! The girls did great esp. for being such a young team.

We got some snow too, and even though the temps are somewhat warm the new snow isn't melting.