Sunday, March 09, 2008

Springing Ahead

It seems way too early for daylight savings time - but if it means spring is getting close I'll deal with driving to work in the dark for a couple of weeks. We've had a lot of rain this past week and I can once again see my back yard - another sign spring is coming - or rather what we call here 'mud season'.
On the knitting scene in my never-ending quest to use up my yarn stash (so I can justify buying more of course) I'm making some of these mini-Easter baskets with leftover felting yarn ( Patons, Cascade, and Galway 100% wool yarn.)
CO 25 stitches on size 11 16" circs and knit 24 rows in garter stitch (12 ridges). Then pick up 12 stitches along the side (just stick the needle into each ridge and knit a stitch), the 25 CO stitches along the bottom, and 12 more stitches on the other side. Join and work in the round for about 6 inches. Add different colors for stripes, or even use up some of that novelty yarn and fun fur as you go. BO. Make two 4 stitch I-cords about 12" long and sew them together at one end, twist, and sew together at the other end. Sew the handle inside the basket - through in the washer and felt down to the size you want. This one is about 6" wide and 3" tall.

And for the tiny bits of left over yarn (you can't just throw them away, can you?) I'm making these bookmarks. Patterns are on the

Yahoo Monthly Bookmark KAL - you have to join to get them, but can easily make up your own using any pattern stitch you would like to try out.

I probably should name my blog "Grammie Knits, while Grampy Cooks"!His latest kitchen toy is this really cook spice rack that goes under the cabinet. After you fill them, you can select how much you need on the little dial and it will dispense just that much. Now how cool is that! It's called the Auto-measure Carousel and made by KitchenArt. He actually picked it up at Hannaford - a NE grocery chain- while food shopping.

Think Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!

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aksunflour said...

the Easter Baskets are adorable!
No more lost measuring spoons w/the auto spice dispenser. (my spoons have been missing since before Christmas- Bumpkins took them somewhere.)