Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Goodies from Norway

Look at the goodies that arrived from Norway today! It is all from my dear friend Vigdis who is a member of my Whoduknit Group. She sent all of these goodies to use a prizes in our mystery and project contests......and, she said I could pick out some for myself too! There is wool, alpaca, cotton, sock yarn, bulky yarn, lace weight yarn, plus some knitting books and cross stitch books. She also sent some of her beautiful hand made stitch markers and dpn holders. It must be Christmas!!!!


SimplyMe said...

How very cool. Vigdis is something special, and she's showing it all over the place again.

What are you going to keep for yourself?

Have you started Santa Cruise yet?

Aunt Kathy said...

Nice stash for the prize locker. Not gonna help me though as I can never pick anything anyway, lol

danielle said...

So.....what are you gonna keep for youself???? And how long did it take you to decide??? LOL