Saturday, April 25, 2009

Traveling Scarf Returns Home!

After traveling across the country and back for the past 6 months my traveling scarf has come home, with sections added by 12 different members of my Noro Knit & Crochet Traveling Scarf group #37 on Ravelry. It seems to have had a wonderful time! It spent some time in sunny California , and went to Surf City to train for a marathon with Lori, helped Lisa decorate for Christmas, visited with Liz's cat, Caesar, and also got to visit one of my special Internet friends, Nancy at the Jersey Shore. It's home now - ready to be blocked and finished off. Haven't decided yet whether or to to add any more to the end of it where it is still on the stitch holder.

It was hard to get a photo of the whole scarf - but hope you can see some of the sections (click for a larger view). It was all done with different Noro yarns, some knit and some crocheted.

I also finished my section on the last of the 12 scarves that I worked on and will be sending that out to California on Monday.

This was a fun way to try out new patterns and yarns on a small scale.

I've decided to enter a felted bag in a Fiber Arts Show that will take place in Winter Harbor from June 28-July 5 (with some encouragement from my friends!) This is the beginning of the bag I'm working on - it's the Labyrinth Carpet bag from Interweave Knits 2008 Holiday Issue. So far it looks like a mess! It's a series of hexagons that attach to each other by picking up stitches. It's a really intriguing pattern and I'm very anxious to see how it comes out. I'm trying to decide whether to add i-cord handles or leather handles like the pattern calls for. What do you think? This is what it is supposed to look like when it is done. Obviously I'm using different colors! Galway Wool in turquoise, brown and tan.


Chris said...

The bag is very pretty. Can't wait to see yours finished!!

Darcy's Knotty Knitter said...

It is very lovely I think I cord straps made with the turquoise would look very good:)Hugs Darcy

Unknown said...

I think the i-cord might be the best bet. What a great pattern.

aksunflour said...

hmm was thinking the leather. but are you going to felt the icord too?

good luck on this one.

krazy4katz said...
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krazy4katz said...

I am the deleted comment above - guess I should learn to proofread better, LOL.

I think leather handles would look great with the colors in the bag. I'm anxious to see the FO! ~ Valerie K

Anonymous said...

so far looks awesome!