Friday, May 01, 2009

Knitting Slump

Yes, I'm in a knitting slump - I know, you've all been there - how do you get out of them? I was sailing right along on my Labyrinth Carpet Bag, about half done, when I realized that one of the triangles that connects the hexagons was at the wrong angle, which made the bag a very weird shape indeed. I checked on Ravelry to see who else had made this bag and only one person said that she had the same problem, the rest said the pattern was easy to I'm pretty sure it's me and not the pattern. I had to put it aside for a couple of days - just couldn't look at it! I'm going to try to pick it back up this weekend do some frogging and see if I can figure it out. My other UFO - the dresser scarf from Rachel's mystery KAL is in a slump too - just can't seem to get interested in finishing it. I did feel the need to complete something this week so I crocheted some of these coasters with left-over Sugar & Cream cotton. The pattern on Ravelry was too complicated for me to wrap my tired brain around (you know those DC around the post thingys) so I made up my own very simple pattern - simple enough to do when I am brain dead and the Red Sox are losing 13-0 and Francona has put the right fielder in to pitch and the pitcher in right field - okay I digress! I think I'll make dozens of these - and then think of something to do with them.
Crocheted Coasters:

Small amounts of worsted weight cotton yarn in two contrasting colors.

Size G or H crochet hook

With Color A Ch 4

DC in 4th chain 11 times (12 DCs)

DC twice in each DC around (24 DCs) End Off

Attach Color B, Ch2, 4 DC in next DC, Sk next DC, 5 DC in next DC, repeat around. (55 DC), end off.

Attach Color A, SC in each DC. End off.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Very pretty dont worry I'm having problems and cant knit right now.Hugs Darcy

Joyce said...

I love the coasters, Jane. See what happens when you let your brain go on a tangent? You come up with something cool like this!