Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

To all of you underpaid, overworked and sometimes under appreciated colleagues of mine, including those of you who home school, which has to be the hardest job of all!

We are fortunate to have a wonderful PTA group at our school that raises money for all those little extras that have been cut from the budget. Today they catered a luncheon for us in a building across the street from the school. Now - we don't have a cafeteria, so we eat in our classrooms with the kids every day, and never get a chance to eat lunch with the grown-ups, so this was a big treat! They had a Cinco de Mayo theme, with Mexican food, sombreros and maracas on the table and Mexican Music. There was a drawing with prizes for each of us. I won this great quilted tote bag, which I love. When it was held up I thought "That's mine!" and surprise, surprise, my name was drawn! They even had a pinata filled with school supplies for us to bring back to the kids in the classroom, who were being supervised by volunteer parents. One of the little boys in my class wanted to know what 'preciation' means. I said it means 'be nice to your teachers today.' He said, 'Oh - I thought it meant, get away from your class for a little while today.' - Yes - that too! We were scheduled to do an ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) walk with the kids this afternoon, but the postponed it until next week.

I hope all of my teacher friends out there are feeling appreciated this week!


Unknown said...

Congratulations! It looks like a great bag.

And, I just want to add that teachers for the most part is the most underappreciated profession.

Joyce said...

What a lovely bag. I'm so glad they did this special thing for the teachers. Do the kids and teachers always bring bag lunches, then, if they always eat in the classroom?

aksunflour said...

beautiful bag.
and congratulations on this being your last Teacher Appreciation week.
hope you had a good week.

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