Saturday, May 02, 2009

Knitters are just the best!

What did I do before Ravelry took over my life? It's hard to imagine. But two of the places I used to hang out were The Knitter's Review and The Knitty Coffee Shop. (I'm janev on both of those). I made friends there, and brought some of them with me to Whoduknit and met some of them again on Ravelry. I was ready to toss my Labyrinth Carpet Bag in the driveway (see previous post) and back over it a few times when I couldn't find a solution on Ravelry. Than I remembered my old friends and went over to see if anyone there had an answer for me. Sure enough - within 24 hours of my post on Knitter's Review I had an answer - IT WASN'T ME!!!! The pattern was wrong. The corrected pattern makes way more sense, and after some frogging, I am back on my way again. Aren't knitters just the greatest? In case you've never been there, the Knitters Review is owned by Clara Parkes who lives in Maine - in fact just an hour from me. I've never met her but hope to one of these days. The Knitty Coffee Shop is, of course, part of, where all of those great free patterns are posted 4 times a year. If you haven't been to either one - I'd recommend a visit.

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Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

You might want to put the corrections in your notes on your project page on ravelry to help others that is what I do when I find mistakes in a pattern I have knit.I cant wait to see it:)Hugs Darcy