Saturday, June 20, 2009

Countdown to Retirement

By Thursday I'll know what it feels like to be retired! Monday is the last day for the kids, Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent packing for the move to move to the new school. Thursday and Friday will be spent sleeping LOL.

This past Thursday after school, I headed out to what thought was a cookout up at the Schoodic section of Acadia National Park. When I got there I noticed the cars were all at the Schooner Club, which is a beautiful log building built by the Navy when there was a base there. So...anyway I was a little confused but figured I missed the memo or something (and here I was dressed in jeans for a picnic). So I went in and was talking to some of the teachers who were already there, when I turned around and saw DH standing there. I said something really kind like - What are you doing here? - you're not supposed to be here! Well, you see we used to go to this club a lot when it was a Navy club and I was a little disoriented here! But I soon realized it was a retirement party! It was great fun - a little roasting, but mostly kind words, lots of laughs - and of course many tears on my part. I've spent more time with these people than with my own family, so I'm going to miss seeing them every day more than I can say!
Wish I'd had my camera with me - can't believe I forgot it - so no pics. But there were a lot of pictures taken, so maybe I'll have some to share.

It started raining as we were leaving, and it hasn't stopped since! I do have some knitting pictures to post - but for some reason can't upload - so this will be a photo-free post!


Chris said...

Congratulations!! are you going to xub or totally retire? I am happy for you.

Dandy said...

What a nice suprise!!

happy retirement!

Unknown said...


How incredibly special that everyone managed to keep your retirement party a surprise!!

Mary Lynn

p.s. I have had intermitent problems in loading pics to blogger, too.