Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fibery Goodness

Last Friday, on a gorgeous fall day, I drove to the Fiber College on the Penobscott in Searsport Maine. It is always held the weekend after Labor Day at the Searsport Shores campground on the Penobscott Bay. This year I took a couple of classes. Another spindle spinning class, which was very interesting because the instructor approached it in a different way than in the last class I took. Maybe if I combine the two methods I can get that spindle to spin! The other class was a fun one called 'weaving bits and pieces'. And that's exactly what it was - bits and pieces of yarn and ribbon woven on a handmade loom.

This is my finished masterpiece! Now, what do you do with these bits and pieces weavings? The instructor used hers as pockets on handmade tote bags. I think with a backing, lining and zipper it would make a great change purse. And, a bunch of these sewn together would make an awesome scarf. But for now, this one is sitting next to my computer and being used as a mug mat.
After the classes I walked around to check out the vendors and their beautiful yarns, fibers for spinning, handmade items, etc.

And for a completely different kind of fibery goodness - a Fruit Torte! It's easy and especially delicious when served warm with ice cream. I brought this one to a fun night of Bunco with some old friends and some new. This recipe made more than enough to feed twelve ladies with some left over.

6 Cups flour

1 ½ Cups sugar

4 egg YOLKS

Pinch of cinnamon

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 lb butter or margarine – melted

2 cans Comstock fruit

1 15/10 cookie sheet

Blend all dry ingredients, then add egg yolks and melted butter.

Use half of mixture for bottom of pan. (smooth down in pan)

(Remainder of mixture for top)

Spread 2 cans of Comstock pie filling over bottom of pan.

(I uses 1 can apples and 1 can blueberries.) One can on each side of pan.

“Crumb” remaining “dry mixture” over top of fruit.

Bake at 375 degree oven for 40-45 mins or until slightly browned.





SimplyMe said...

That dessert looks lovely.

Love your weaving. Keep it as a mug rug! Jane, you coming up with the coolest things.

Ah ha. You are doing dish rag tag this year. Love your team's name...go DISHRAG DIVAS!!!!!

Unknown said...

My sister who spins also weaves (she is just such an overachiever!). It is always fun to see what she is going to do with some of her weaved goods. She has made "pockets," coasters, small bags and placemats.

I love the colors of your weaved goods and have copied the recipe to be added to my collection. Thanks for sharing.