Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where have you been?

I've been told I haven't updated my blog in a couple of weeks -nice to know I was missed!

Even though I retired from teaching in June, I couldn't stay away from the first day of school. It wasn't just any first day of school, it was the first day of school in our brand new beautiful, state of the art school! Well, it will be state of the art once everything is working, like the phones and the Internet - but minor details!

Peninsula CSD
My favorite place - the Teacher's Lounge. It is much appreciated after not having one for the past 6 years (every available space was being used for instruction in our old school). The PTC supplied the fruit for the first day of school.

Stephen and Tabatha King donated $20,000 for new books and supplies for our new library! I'm going to enjoy volunteering in here!

State of the art computer lab (once it's hooked up to the Internet that is)

2nd Grade Classroom - complete with 2nd Graders! The school has an innovative heating and lighting system state-of-the-art technology and a multipurpose gym stage and cafeteria (we ate in our classrooms in our old school) comes complete with 200 students grades Pre-K - 8!
I have already subbed for a half day in Kindergarten (still say it's the hardest job in the world!)
and 2nd Grade (my old class) and have more days on my schedule. Hmmm - doesn't feel like retirement!

You can see more photos here.


danielle said...

Wow - a new library.....awesome! And how nice of the KIng's!

Unknown said...

What a lovely place. And as one of our retired teacher friends says, she is "teaching every day she wants to teach without having to do lesson plans or grades." It is perfect.

Heather said...

Wow what a great school. I am a high school counselor! Sdo impressed with your ability to teach till retirement. I have started to look into other things, I am kinda down on the extra stuff besides teaching and worrying about kids learning....too many hands in the pie:)That school is gorgeous, mine doesn't have heat in the happways and I need my own heater in my office because ours does not work so well:)LOL

Joyce said...

What a beautiful school! I can see why you like to be there.