Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I Love about Wool

If it comes out too small, you can stretch it, if it comes out too big, you can felt it! I actually swatched before I knit this beret and got gauge. The finished hat turned out to the right measurements, but when I soaked it so I could block it on a dinner plate to shape it - it grew at least 4 inches! So, it had to go into the washer for a little bit and it did lose some of the stitch definition but at least it doesn't look like a giant frisbee!

I don't know who is going to wear this beret - not me! But I just had the urge to make one.

My sister is visiting from Maine and we went to Bar Harbor this week - great time of year to go. A lot of the stores are getting ready to close for the winter and are having big sales.
And of course I can't go to Bar Harbor without stopping at the yarn store there. It's a tiny store, but full of really yummy yarn. I didn't need any yarn of course, but walked out with a skein of OnLine self-patterning sock yarn in purple shades. Not sure what it will become (not socks!) but I couldn't pass it up.
On the needles: Another Old Shale Smoke Ring Cowl
Reading: The Beekeepers Apprentice by Lauri R. King
Listening to: Everywhere that Mary Went by Lisa Scottoline


Chris said...

Sock yarn makes a great Baktus--can be found on ravelry. Make sure to look at the projects--great little neck scarf

Unknown said...

The beret is beautiful. You are so right about wool.

Dave and I went to Cape Cod one September when all the shops were getting ready to close. We scored some great buys!

Anonymous said...

The beret is beautiful...and big can be very cool...just add tighter ribbing maybe?