Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why There are More Girl Teachers than Boy Teachers or Using Both Sides of your Brain

I subbed in 2nd Grade on Friday and while I was working with a group on some math problems one of the boys asked my why the teachers are all girls and no boys. I said that was an interesting question - we have only one male teacher at our school right now and he is the technology teacher. So I turned it back to the group, like I love to do, and asked why they thought all the teachers at the school were 'girls'. One boy said he knew why - "It's because girls think with both sides of their brains and boys only think with one side." I don't know who told him that one - but I wasn't touching it LOL. Another little boy in the group said "It's because men really didn't like being around a lot of little kids all that much." Hmm..... could that be it? Then a little girl in the group spoke up and with complete confidence said she knew why. "It's because men like to have more money." I think she wins, hands down! No one becomes a teacher to make a lot of money. Although I am going to tuck away that both sides of the brain idea for a time when I can use it!

Today I went to a Christmas Card making workshop - a fun get-together including a pot-luck lunch.
These are some of the cards we made. Also brought home the materials and instructions for making 20 more cards. I think I used both sides of my brain today - and nope - no boys at the workshop!


SimplyMe said...

Jane - that is priceless!!!

The cards look great. I can't wait to see what else ou create.

sara said...

Pretty smart kids :-)

Unknown said...

Too funny . . . I can hardly wait to share it with Dave (my hubby) and Chuck (his co-worker). As you know Dave teaches first grade. Chuck teaches kindergarten at the same school.

Frankly, I think it takes very special people to be good and successful elementary school teachers. When Dave went back to school to get his teaching degree (wow, that was 15 years ago), most of the men in the class were aiming at middle- to high school aged children and the women were aiming toward elementary. He and one other guy were the only men that had a desire to elementary. Dave likes the idea of being a role model and teaching the whole child (giving them tools that will take them through their entire educational career).

I also think anyone who teaches the upper grades is nuts.

I also think the money issue is huge. We have friends that have asked Dave whether it bothers him that I make more money than he does. Being that he is so comfortable with us, his response is always no, that he is lucky.

Love the cards. I was thinking that I need to do something crafty (other than knitting/crocheting) this year. I have the supplies just need to focus.

danielle said...

Love the cards - they are great! Enjoyed the discussion you had - am going to email a friend whose hubby is a teacher and tell her to read it!!!