Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Although Fall doesn't officially start until September 23, for a lot of us, Labor Day signals the last of summer. Here in Maine, the mornings and evenings are quite chilly, the leaves are already beginning to change, the apple trees are loaded with ripe apples and school starts tomorrow! We celebrated Labor Day Weekend with a backyard barbeque with friends and family yesterday, where the kids decided to hang out in a tree.

I celebrated the beginning of fall by signing up for this Back to School Swap on Knit the Classics. Just couldn't resist this one. And by officially ending my yarn diet (which was a big flop anyway). My not-so-local A.C.Moore has finally started carrying Paton's SWS which I've been wanting to try, and they even had it on sale Saturday, so I picked some up in great fall colors to try out.

It's very soft and I think it will be perfect for

the Misty Garden scarf in

Scarf Style. I'm also working on another Patchwork bag from Easy Knitted Accessories in fall colors, and some Red Hot Necklaces from One Skein Wonders, which are going to be Christmas presents. They are easy to knit
Just a three row lace pattern,
but the beaded tassles take forever to do.


dobarah said...

A BBQ is a perfect way to send out the summer. Here in Montana, Labor Day seems to determine the end of summer also. I love the tree photo...and that yarn is yummy!

Anonymous said...

Very cute scarf....BTW, I like dark greens and plums!! LOL

School is already back in session around here...the nights are coming earlier...the trees are turning...I love fall - jsut hate the dark coming early. Too too soon I will be going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark...dont like that!

I always find it interesting when you read questionnaires - and see someone that has been knitting decades puts herself/himself as intermediate or "maybe" advanced...and those that have been knitting months, put themselves down as advanced!! LOL

Knitted Zebra said...

Love the colors on the Paton's SWS! The beaded necklace is very pretty also! Delores in Oklahoma.

Unknown said...

I keep eyeing up the SWS but have yet to buy any . . . I love the colors that you picked.