Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Virtual Vacation in North Carolina

This morning I found a large mailing envelope in my mailbox and I was very surprised to find out I had gone to North Carolina on my virtual vacation! It was from Jana, who had been so secretive during the swap that I had no idea where I would be going. In the envelope there was a beautiful skein of superwash wool yarn that Jana dyed herself, a Carolina Tar Heels t-shirt and peds (I have to admit I have no idea what a Tar Heel is!*), a cute little package of tissues and a small photo album. I still don't know what I saw or what I did in NC, but I must have been there because I got the t-shirt! Thanks Jana!

*Update - I googled 'Tar Heel' and now I know!

"Tar Heel is a nickname applied to the state and inhabitants of North Carolina, as well as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's athletic teams (see North Carolina Tar Heels).
The exact etymology of the nickname is unknown, but most experts believe its roots come from the fact that tar, pitch and turpentine created from the vast pine forests were one of North Carolina's most important exports early in the state's history.[1] A town in Bladen County, North Carolina, is also named Tar Heel.

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