Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bead Soup

I received my 'bead soup' bracelet kit from Earthfaire yesterday and made it last night. I admit when I read the first direction - string 200 beads on the thread, I thought it was going to take a week just to do that, but once I got started it went pretty quickly. Here is the result:
It's tedious work, but easy and kind of addicting. I went to A.C. Moore today and bought more beads, gold thread and toggle clasps and started another one.


dobarah said... this crochet cotton or embroidery floss? I just have to try it! Could you share any details?

aksunflour said...

Wow! that is just exquisite! Counting to 200- I get lost on k2 p1. Much less counting!

Bet your granddaughter wants one as a choker!

Dandy said...

WOW very pretty!!

Unknown said...


The bracelets are great. I have looked at them several times but have never quite gotten around to ordering one! Hmmmm, maybe I'll order one to make up for a Christmas present.

Have a good one.

Mary Lynn

jopal said...

Love he bracelets! Have been checking them out but haven't ordered one yet. Yours look so beautiful it may be time to try.