Monday, March 02, 2009

Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

The kids in my 2nd grade class do! We celebrate 'Cat in the Hat Day' every year with a Reading Cafe, where the older students serve the younger students Dr. Seuss books and green eggs and ham - they love it!
And I have no problem taking this pledge right along with them. Take it along with me!

Read Across America Reading Pledge

I promise to read
Each day and each night.
I know it's the key
To growing up right.
I'll read to myself,
I'll read to a crowd.
If silent or loud.
I'll read at my desk,
At home and at school,
On my bean bag or bed,
By the fire or pool.
Each book that I read
Puts smarts in my head,'
Cause brains grow more thoughts
The more they are fed.
So I take this oath
To make reading my way
Of feeding my brain
What it needs everyday

In fact - I would take the same pledge changing the word read to knit. And since school has been cancelled once again, I might celebrate the day by knitting some Dr. Seusseque wrist warmers by Susan Flockhart Designs. Or my own version of this fun Dr. Seuss scarf by Not Martha. Or maybe going with the green theme and knitting one of these St. Paddy's Day patterns from Moorehouse Farms?
And, did you know that today is also Cat Bordhi's birthday? So maybe I'll CO for a Moebius Cowl or a Denise Bag or some Socks that Soar on Two Circular Needles. While all the while, reading the March Whoduknit book - Winter Study by Nevada Barr.
But, I will not be eating Green Eggs and Ham!

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Aunt Kathy said...

More snow huh Jane? We missed the brunt of it again, it's cold and windy and lightly snowing, but the main thing is it's COLD.

I couldn't get the March book, it's on my wish list but I won't get it in time so I guess I'll just pray I ahve better luck with Aprils book choice.

Oh by the way I can recite "green eggs and ham" by HEART word for word, my favorite rhyming book.