Saturday, March 28, 2009

To Bind Off or Not to Bind Off & Other Mysteries

This is Day 13 of the Mystery KAL on Rachel's Knitting Room Yahoo Group.
Today we have a choice. We can finish it off by knitting 4 more rows of garter and binding off - or continue on...forever and ever, I think, since it called for a whole cone of cotton yarn.
It would make a really large dishcloth, but I'm tempted to keep on going - what do you think?

I received my Mystery Yarn Ball from the Whoduknit swap. It's from Robbie and the yarn is Paton's Decor in very pretty colors and the pattern is for a cabled cup cozy. There are little goodies sticking out of it and I'm anxious to see what mysterious objects will fall out as I knit.
I checked out the first season of Knitting Daily on CDs from the library since it's not being shown in this area, so I think I may settle down and watch it while I knit up my cup cozy, and see what falls out of the ball!


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Jane I like that cozy.

I think you should keep going, it would make a beautiful runner for a coffee table or dresser top

Renna said...

I was thinking the same thing as Aunt Kathy; it would make a pretty table runner. I love the dainty looking stitches.

SimplyMe said...

Well, that''s vote three for a table runner. I was also thinking twice that long would look great hanging over the oven door.

YIPPEE@!!!! I can't wait to see what your mystery ball drops into your lap.

Joyce said...

How fun! All of those things . . . the table runner-to-be, your yarn ball swap, and Knitting Daily from the library. That's a good idea to see it on DVD if you can't see it on TV.

Yarn Devil said...

Oh! Looks like great fun! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

I really like the pattern on your soon to be table runner (I guess that is five votes for table runner).