Monday, October 12, 2009


That's how I spent my morning - organizing my knitting projects. I'm always searching for a certain yarn, (which tote or bag is it in?) or a pattern, (where did I see that - on Ravelry? in a Magazine? in a book?) or the right needles, (located in different kntting bags all through the house. So I picked out a dozen projects that I want to make or finish and put them in zip lock bags along with the yarn and needles to knit them with. I put all the bags into a large tote bag along with a little plastic case with the essentials. Row counter, stitch markers, tape measure, etc. So now I am all set to plug in an audio book and knit. I'll let you know how it works out!

And a couple of finished projects - A simple pair of fingeless mitts - one of my project bags has the yarn and patterns for several more of these.

And another Teddy Bear sweater from the Knits for Bears to Wear book. Love this yarn - it's self-patterning Plymouth Encore sock yarn in worsted weight, 300 yards per skein. Think I'll make a little hat to match and some socks if I have enough left.

So, that's how I spent my morning - how did you spend yours?


Grace said...

I buy a lot of yarn bulk and I needed room in the Yarnoire so I took the bulk bagged yarn and put it in a basket on top of my yarnoire, and then had room in it for some of the miscellaneous loose skeins. I also put out a few more Autumn decorations, blogged and continued working on my Norwegian Woods Shawl!

sara said...

I've done the same with some of my WIM's.

I love the mitts! What cast off did you use. I made some fingerless mitts, but the cast off I used wasn't stretchy enough :-(

Joyce said...

Jane, you inspire me! Yarn is all over my living room right now, and today I'll work on getting it organized. I love reading previous comments, too. "Yarnoire" is a great word! And please let us all know your cast off. How many different ones are there?

Jane said...

Love "Yarnoire" too - wish I had one! I just used a regular CO for the mitts, the only one I do. Sometimes I use a bigger needle if I don't want it to be too tight. There is a crochet CO that is supposed to be very stretchy but I've never done that.

Dandy said...

sounds like a good idea.. I need shelves first befrore I even get started on organizing!! maybe some day!