Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Amazing Lace Challenge #3

For this challenge we had to write a poem about our lace. So...with apologies, here goes!

Miss Suri Lace

My Amazing Lace partner is making me crazy,
I do all the work, she is nothing but lazy.
Her name is Suri, she's a beauty it's true,
in the colorway Peacock, all lavender and blue.
But she's skinny and slippery and falls off my needle,
and then she will laugh, joke, cajole and wheedle.
Back into my good graces she goes for awhile,
moving smoothly along and making me smile.
But as soon as we come to a stumbling block,
Miss Suri becomes as stubborn as a rock.
She just sits there like a queen on her throne,
and does nothing to help, while I grumble and groan.
It's my job to turn her into a beautiful scarf,
while she sits there looking like a pile of barf!
And in the end, when the race has been won,
who will get all the glory and all of the fun?
You guessed it, pretty little Miss Suri Lace,
will stand up and bow and say "I won the race!"


Anonymous said...

What a good poem! Good luck on challenge #3!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry your Suri Lace is causing you grief! I love the poem though and you will love the finished product. I promise.

Your SP

laurie in maine said...

Well thank goodness you've proved Maine has a Knitter with fine poetic abilities! Thanks for the note on blog re/my silly contribution for this round :)

Anonymous said...

Well done!