Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another It Felt Bag

This is a smaller version of Turtlegirls It Felt Random Bag I CO 38 sts, knit 38 rows (19 ridges) in garter st. then PU 18 sts. along the side, 38 sts on the CO row and 18 sts on the other side. Then knit in the round. I used the random stripe generator and chose olive green, pink, and aqua, (Paton's Classic Wool) with 2,4,& 8" stripes and 64 rows. It's 15"x15"x6" before felting. I Haven't made the i-cord handle yet. I think I'm going to invest in one of those handy little thingys that make i-cords. Anyone know of a good one?

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AR said...

I like the stripes! I haven't used one since I was little, but I saw a neat looking icord maker, (Spool knitter?) at my local Joanne's Fabric store.