Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rainy Saturday

A great day to be doing housework - NOT! I had to go into town to go to the bank and food shopping - and had to drive right by my LYS. I picked up some yarn for my Mystery Ball SP. Now I have to gather up all of the things to go in it and start winding!

While I was there I found some yarn for my Time Traveler's Wife project. I'm almost finished reading it. I love this book. It so intriguing - I know I will be reading it again. I thought of several projects - like socks for Henry because when he time travels he has to leave all his possessions behind including his clothes and his feet are always cold. But when I found this passage I knew I had found my project. Henry is talking about a poem, "Bamboo without mind, yet sends thoughts soaring among clouds. Standing on the lone mountain, quiet, dignified, it typifies the will of a gentleman." I remembered that early on in the book Henry compares time travel to a mobius - So my project will be a mobius scarf knit with this beautiful bamboo yarn. It is so soft it could very well be soaring among clouds and would blend with the color of the sky. Now all I have to do is find the right pattern.

I finished the bag for my daughter's sister-in-law. This is a smaller version of the It felt it Random Bag using the random stripe generator. I used Paton's Classic Wool. I have orders for two more of these bags for Christmas presents.


AR said...

I love the colors in that Regia yarn. The bag is really cute. Isn't that random stripe generator cool?

Ren said...

ooooh, i really like how you turned the passage from time traveler's wife (isn't a GOOD book?! i read it for a book club and every meeting we end up talking about it again!) into a knitting project!

Anonymous said...

I loved "The Time Traveler's Wife." More than anyone else I know. I'm so intrigued- Do you always find a knit to go with your reading?

I stumbled here looking for the teacup pattern I saw at the One Skein site. Can you point me to it?