Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall Colors

I think this is the prettiest time of year - when the leaves change and the weather is crisp in the morning and warm in the afternoons. I just wish it lasted a little longer.
I went into town yesterday for Harvest Gold Days, which means lots of sales going on.
There was a Grand Opening of a 'Chocolate Factory' which is really pretty tiny, but has lots of yummy chocolate. They had a chocolate fountain flowing with pretzels, pound cake, and strawberries to dip in it. I sampled, but didn't buy, mostly because it was so crowded - but I'll be back!
Upstairs from that a scrapbook store was having a 30% off sale. I bought a kit to make a photo recipe book which looked really cute. It will probably become a Christmas present for someone. Also some fall stickers and embellishments. Now if I can just get to those fall pages. There was a craft fair and Chinese Auction going on, and all of the stores had sales, including my LYS which had 20% off on all of their yarn. Very tempting! I have orders for two more felted bags in fall colors - so using the leaves as inspiration, I picked up some Galway in brown and dark red, and green heather. I think they will make a pretty bag. I used the Random Stripe Generator to choose a stripe pattern.
I found another felted bag pattern I would like to make on Monica's blog. It's based on the ballband washcloth pattern that I love.

Today, I have been winding my mystery ball for the Whoduknit Mystery Ball swap. I can't post a picture because I don't want her to recognize the yarn. When she receives it, she is supposed to knit the pattern that is with it and let the goodies fall out of the ball as she knits. The very last thing in the ball will be my identity. I think it will be fun, and can't wait to receive mine.

This afternoon I had hoped to watch the last Red Sox game of the season. A very dissapointing season, in first place the first half and then had nothing but injuries and bad luck the second half. Looks like their bad luck is holding up as it is raining in Boston and they probably will not play. Looks like knitting and a movie this afternoon for me.


AR said...

The poor Red Sox, they've been my hubby's favorite since he was a little boy. The mystery ball thing sounds so fun.

Ren said...

i'm working on your felted tea cup/saucer (that's how i found your blog) and i had a question. the tops of the knitting curl over a lot (since it's all in stockinette) and i was wondering if that straighted out in the felting/blocking or if you did anything to the piece before you put it through the wash? i don't want the curled over part to fuse together when it's felting or anything... (did i even make sense? sorry... )