Friday, October 06, 2006

TGIF Surprises!

I arrived home from work today to find two packages waiting for me! What a great way to begin the weekend! One was from my downstream tote exchange partner, Stephanie. It was a thank you gift for the tote that I sent her. In the package was this wonderful smelling, pretty bar of felted soap, and a Magazine called "Bend Living" - The Spirit of Central Oregon. In the magazine is a very interesting article written by none other than Stephanie herself! about the the woman who makes the felted soaps on Wild and Wooly Farm in Bend, Or. The felted soap can be used for washing, or for a pin cushion, and the article tells how it is made. She also included the funniest thank you card featuring 'Many Many Tanked Ewes' Seems they has a little too much to drink at Joe's Fleecin Baaaaaaar. Thank you Stephanie!
The second package was from my mystery ball SP, and inside was (can you guess?) my mystery ball! It is lumpy and funny looking and loaded with goodies. She also included a mystery pattern, which I will cast on for tonight - so I can get to all of those treasures inside! Stay tuned as the mystery unravels!

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AR said...

Cute card! I love that felted soap. What a neat idea. I can't wait to see your mystery ball thing unfold, and turn into a finished project.