Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Silly Kids!

Our Second grade earns marbles for good behavior. When they get 20 marbles they get to have a party, and to vote on what kind of party it will be. Today was their first 'marble party' and they voted on a movie and pajama party! What a bunch of silly kids!


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, that sounds like a fun party :)

Unknown said...

There are just some things that bring a smile to your face . . . this picture is one of them! Good job and congratulations to all on their good behavior!

AR said...

My second grader's teacher does a similar thing. They get warm fuzzies (tiny craft pompoms) When they fill up a small jar, they get to choose an activity. I love school pj parties. Of course, I love warm flannel jammies, too.