Sunday, September 10, 2006


I have been neglecting my other obsession - scrapbooking - lately. I've got as much scrapbooking stash as I have yarn stash, but like yarn, I keep buying more for 'someday'. Saturday I went to the grand opening of a new scrapbooking store. I didn't need anything, but the new owner is the daughter of our cook at school - so I really had to make an appearance- right? There were 'mystery' prizes, and I actually won one - All these scrapbooking supplies!
I also bought a kit for making a tag album - too cute to resist - and I actually went home and made it. There are pictures on both sides of the tags so there is room for 16 pictures, but I had to print them out small to fit. They are pictures from our trip to NJ this summer.


AR said...

That booklet is so cute. I love pictures, but scrapping is one craft that I wouldn't allow myself to do. Knitting is bad enough, but if I started that, I'd never do anything else!

Allison said...

That is really cute. I've never seen a tag album before. I like it. I also scrapbook but am sooooo far behind. All this knitting has distracted me! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog about my photos. Always nice to know someone out there is reading it.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy scrapbooking. I have a friend who is a Creative Memories consultant. She has a crop at her house one Friday a month. It is a great opportunity to work on our books but we actually enjoy the chatting and laughing too! We DO NOT discuss my scrapbooking stash.