Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas Keeps on Coming!

I came home today and found three packages had been delivered - none of which I will receive a bill for! The first I opened was my Winter Wonderland Swap package from Toni The package included two of the softest washcloths, machine knit with baby terry, a ball of Sugar n' Cream yarn, a magnetic note pad, and some beautiful handmade earrings and stitch markers. The second package was my order from Purely Alpaca that I got with my gift certificate from my sister-in-law. In it were the three skeins of Classic Alpaca that I had ordered, which are a beautiful shade of lavender and very soft. But..that wasn't all. As a thank you they included an adorable alpaca farmers pin,
and...a gold foil wrapped piece of chocolate! Now, any company that includes chocolate with their yarn order will certainly get another order from me! The third package had already been opened by my DH, as it was for him - a box of Omaha Steaks, ordered with a gift certificate that he received for Christmas- in fact, two of the steaks are cooking right now - on the grill, in January, in Maine!


Theresa said...

You've had a great Christmas season, haven't you?

AR said...

Those are great packages. Yay for you. Is your weather unseasonable still? Ours has turned pretty cold.

rohanknitter said...

Great packages. I was out of town for several days and returned home to find my Whoduknit bookmark waiting for me.
Thanks very much!! So cute!