Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day

We are snowed in today - and the snow is supposed to last well into tomorrow. It's just as well, as we have had so much illness at school this week. Yesterday 87 out of 170 students and 7 staff members were out sick. In 2nd grade were were down to 6 out of 18 students by the end of the day. They have everything from upper respiratory infections, stomach viruses, ear infections, strep throat infections, bronchitis and even pneumonia. Today was supposed to be our Valentine's Day party - but it's looking like we won't have that until Friday. So...what's a person to do? Hmmm- maybe knit some, and read some?
I finished the front and back panels of my Aaron bag last night and sewed it together this morning (wishing I had taken the time to figure out how to knit it in the round and wondering why I didn't stick to a felted bag which covers up all the uneven knitting and felts the ends in securely). It does NOT look like the picture in the knitting pattern a day calendar. And now I know why - the directions do not match the picture.

The directions call for knitting the two side panels of cables in the same direction - the picture shows them going in opposite directions. The center cable is also going in the opposite direction in the picture. And..the ribbing at the top in the picture is wider than the directions called for. I never noticed any of this until I sewed it together of course! I think it is probably still fine, and I actually love it, except that the bottom is not straight, and blocking should fix that. I still have to make the handles and the drawstring with the beads, which I think will add a lot to it, and line it. And if all else fails - I have this back-up bag on the needles!

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I LOVE your back-up bag!

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