Friday, February 16, 2007


I like the snow, and don't mind driving on it (once it's stopped coming down that is) - but ice is a different story! After the snow storm on Wednesday turned over to rain the temps dropped and it turned back to snow, leaving a layer of ice underneath. Yesterday our front door and garage door were both frozen shut. We had a two-hour delay in starting school while the plows tried to get the roads cleared. My DH had to drive me to work, since I couldn't get my car out of the garage - he has 4 wheel drive so we didn't have a problem. Last night we ran a heater in the garage and defrosted the door. This morning I should have had blades instead of tires on my car because the side roads were a sheet of ice. White knuckle driving all the way! And there is not much hope for a thaw in the near future. The good news is - I'm on vacation next week!!!!
It's our winter vacation - which always falls during the week of President's Day. In Downeast Maine it's basketball tournament time so the folks who aren't lucky enough to be vacationing in Florida, usually spend their time at the Bangor Auditorium watching basketball. Me? I'm going to spend the week knitting and reading! When you think about it - I could go to my LYS and spend a couple of hundred dollars on yarn, and it would still be a cheap vacation - right? If the weather cooperates and the roads are not too bad, I'm going to go on a yarn shop tour - some not so local yarn shops that I have read about on the web and have been wanting to visit. I love winter vacation week!


Linda said...

nothing like having a week to do nothing but knit and read and visit LYS I wish I could have with the 5 days I had off but where will I be at 6 am saturday morning? at work !! enjoy And I want to see pictures and hear all about it.

Stephanie... said...

I like your logic AND your travel plans.