Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beautiful Day!

Today was a beautiful day! We went out for breakfast with my daughter and her family. It was a buffet, and the easiest thing to do with the kids, since they don't have to wait and can eat as much as they want. They gave me a gift certificate to the Dress Barn - it will be fun to shop for some summer clothes. I gave her a gift certificate to Victoria Secret, as she is a pretty sexy daughter and the mother of my beautiful grandchildren!
Then home to watch the Red Sox game. The Orioles were on top 5-0 in the 9th, and the Sox came back and scored 6 runs to win the game! My son called from Texas to tell me that he had arranged that for my Mother's Day gift. (in other words he was too broke to send flowers LOL) While I watched the game I knit my own flowers from Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flower's book, which I bought with my 50% off A.C.Moore coupon - a Mother's Day gift to myself.

Now DH is cooking dinner - something involving pork and pears. And tonight - the Survivor Finale. You see, it really doesn't take much to make me happy :)


lauriec said...

Beautiful family! Why aren't you in the pic??!

I'm rooting for Yau & Boo but I think Earl may sneak in & take it.

LeslieJ said...

What a great day!
you've also just been tagged! Check out my blog for the rules!

AR said...

Glad you had a great mother's day!! :)

monique said...

You have a beautiful family!
You sure had a lovely day.

Unknown said...


Your daughter and grandchildren are beautiful . . . good job!!

I am glad that your Mother's Day was grand.

Mary Lynn

about said...

What a beautiful family you have. You made me do a 'stop and think', in that you thought to treat your daughter on 'Her Day' too. I will remember that next Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for treating your daughter on Mother's Day. I have a great MIL, but on Mother's day, I'm just the one who drives her grandkids to see her :P

PS, I tagged you on my blog

Cathy said...

TAG!!! You are it ..
Read my blog to find out

Pati said...

You have a beautiful family!