Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whoduknit Mystery Swap

I received my swap package today from Patty today and I love it! I really didn't give her that much to work with - I followed the rules and sent her just one small skein of fingering weight alpaca yarn in a pretty shade of blue/green, that I loved, but didn't know what to do with. I can't believe what she did with it!!

She made me this beautiful crocheted collar, which I really love, a pretty smelling sachet, and a cute bookmark.

She also sent this beautiful crocheted doily - she does such beautiful work! There is no way I could ever make anything like this!

The books she included were Rumble on the Bayou by Jana DeLeon, and (I laughed when I saw this one) Murder Can Depress Your Dachshund. I think Marielle (her doxie) must have put that one in the package. There was also some yummy candy and chocolate, which I managed to get a picture of before sampling.
Thank you so much Patty - this was a great package - I love everything!


Bonnie O. said...

The crocheted collar and doily are beautiful! I made a crocheted doily years ago from that fine thread and it took forever! Will never do another one. LOL. I'll leave that for those with more talent and speed.

about said...

What beautiful work Patti has done and how lucky your are Jane, to receive it. The doily reminds me so much of the ones my mother use to crochet. She never knitted but was always doing crochet or tatting, her favorite. All of us kids (10) have some of her tatting and probably most of us at least one of her doilys. I use mine but am careful for I treasure it so much.