Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Lucky Day (yours too?)

I just found out I won the prize for the "Life's Importance" Necklace that I made for my KTC Joy Luck Club project.
Four skeins of this lovely cotton blend yarn and a mahjong bracelet!
Today, I also received the autographed copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Cast Off that I won on the Unknitted Blog. Thanks again so much girls!
Patty received the package I sent for the Whoduknit Spring Swap. I had posted a little contest on my blog to guess what I made from the yarn she sent me. Unfortunately no one guessed - that was a pretty safe bet! Here is what is was:
Glass cozies! Patty lives in Florida and has an 'oasis' in her back yarn - a cozy place where she goes to read. So I sent some things for her to enjoy in her oasis. I had fun knitting the glass cozies - each one was a different pattern. Even though no one guessed correctly- I do appreciate those of you who took the time to try - so I did a random drawing - and Vicki (Dandy)'s name came out! A cool windsock will be on it's way to you Vicki.
I love contests!!!


rohanknitter said...

Nice prize! I'm not surprised you won - you had a really well-thought out entry.
I like the glass cozies!

Dandy said...

Oh cool... I even forgot that I entered a contest... and after a day like today I sure needed a pick me up... we lost our little rabbit today.

Thanks Jane

lauriec said...

You need to be playing the lottery w/ the luck you've been having!!

BTW, check out my blog---you've been tagged!

AR said...

Very nice! Where did you get the glass cozy pattern? I'd love to try some of those.