Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hat or Bowl?

You may have noticed that I don't often post pictures of myself (you probably thought that was me in the rocking chair knitting?) There's a reason for that. You see, I have this weird camera, and it adds 20 years and 50 pounds to my pictures - not everyone else's - just mine! But I'm making an exception today to show you how my hat turned into a bowl.
I was planning to make this hat for my Maisie Dobb's (whoduknit) project - at the beginning of the book when she is first introduced she is wearing a cloche, and I also wanted a hat to match the intrelac scarf I made awhile back. The pattern is from Nicky Epstein's knitted flowers, and it has a felted flower embellishment on it. I admit I didn't use the Trendsetter yarn called for - but it seemed to be the same weight as the Noro I was using - so I knit up this huge hat:

Yup - that's me! I felted it and it turned into this:
Which looks much better as a bowl.
It's a beautiful bowl - but what do you do with a felted bowl that matches your scarf? I think I'll fill it full of balls of beautiful hand-dyed yarn!


Dandy said...

Jane, thats a beautiful bowl!

you could knit fruit too.

aksunflour said...

Am loving the hat!!

Unknown said...


Thanks so much for the photos of you!! LOL. I have the same issues with my camera . . . in fact when we went on vacation, all of our cameras systematically deleted any photos with me in it! Amazing.

I love the colors of the bowl. Very very nice!

Cass said...

THAT is a cool bowl! Who needs another hat!? Make more bowls. :)

And hey now, we don't care what your weight or age is- we love you for your talent, wit and knowledge! More pics of you please!