Saturday, June 16, 2007

Launching the Gemini

On a near perfect day on the coast of Maine, Jacob and Jordyn launched their new lobster boat appropriately named "Gemini". Jacob has his lobster license and Jordyn will be his sternman - or sterngirl, or whatever this summer. Into Frenchman's Bay, and off on a smooth start to it's mooring at the Winter Harbor Co-op.
Proud new boat owners!
Of course little sister had to get in on the act, and their best friends, Haley and Caleb, another Gemini pair, were on hand, along with grandparents, uncles, and friends, to help celebrate the launch.


aksunflour said...

Wow kids owning a boat? What an interesting way to move into the teenage years. The life lessons that will be learned, that is way cool. We can't get two of our teens to even get jobs.

Unknown said...

I am very impressed. Maybe if we ever wander up to Maine, they would be willing to give this land-loving person a ride! Or, at least a lobster?!?