Sunday, June 03, 2007


I'm participating in two fun swaps right now. The first one is the Whoduknit Mystery Bottle Swap. The bottle swap is a lot of fun. You have to stuff as much as you can into a 2 liter bottle and mail it to your secret pal. The mystery part is - how do you get all of this

into this....
Well, the answer is can't. But I got most of it in and my bottle is ready to mail - that's right, you just put a mailing label on it and send the bottle through the mail.

The second swap is the International Tote Exchange IV. I did ITEII and ITEIII and they were both great swaps with great pals that I still keep in touch with. This time around I am a hostess, which means I have a group of ladies that I had to match up and be responsible for during the swap. After reading my pal's questionnaire, asking her a lot of questions, and looking through every knitting book, magazine, and on-line site I have bookmarked, I finally decided on a pattern and yarn for the tote that I am going to make. The yarn is a little dark in the picture - it's actually a little lighter than that. And I'm making it in a solid color - then embellishing it either with needle-felting, or felted flowers.

I've been resisting other swaps because too many can get confusing (and expensive) - but when I came across this one..well... I just couldn't resist! Besides, the other two will be finished by the time this one needs to be mailed - and no actual knitting is involved. It's a Virtual Vacation swap - you've got to check this one out!


Dandy said...

Jane, stop twisting my arm... geez... I checked out the vacation swap... and well just had to sign up... lol... it sounds like alot of fun!!

Thanks for the link!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you've stumped me! How did you get the book into the bottle? Do you get to cut some of the bottle?

Cool swap!

Cass said...

What a fun swap! (the bottle swap) Who thinks of these things?

AR said...

Wow! I can't believe you got that stuff in there. Have fun.

about said...

You are right about the swaps - to many does get confusing and expensive (postage). I will cut back too, but darn, aren't they fun!