Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ravelry and Stash Management

As I wander around Ravelry I'm discovering a lot of things! I've decided there is no way to put all of my FOs on there - so I'm just adding a few of the latest ones and then I'll add new ones as I start them. Cataloging my yarn stash is indeed eye-opening! There, I've decided there is no sense uploading pictures of each skein of yarn and posting them, since they are all right here in my house, just the name, weight, color, # of skeins, etc. will do it , but - it's where they are stored that is amazing me.

So far the answer to that question about various skeins of yarn I have entered are- 'in the plastic tote in my bedroom' 'in the magazine rack' 'in the hat box' 'in the basket that I won in the Chinese Auction' ' in the basket on my night stand' - wow - am I in need of some serious stash management! I've been looking for an excuse to put in my retirement papers, and this may be it! Last night I tried to start entering items in my "Queue" - ideas for future projects...up until now I have just been stuffing them in notebooks...and you know - that's really not such a bad idea!

I'll leave you with a couple of photos - maybe they will help you feel better about your stash organization. Of course you realize this is just temporary storage - I'm going to get it all organized as soon as Ravelry lets me upload the actual stash to my notebook instead of just photos of it.
My hatbox stash:

My magazine rack stash:


aksunflour said...

oh boy do you have some yummy looking yarn. I would just love to crawl in the hat box and smell/touch the yarn! Nice and cozy warm. Ok, I am cold and it is supposed to snow tonight!

jopal said...

I am lucky enought to have room for all my craft things but even so my yarn seems to turn up everywhere! The room is so unorganized you can not walk in it at the moment. I need to get in there and fix it but it is so overwhelming! I think I am afraid to see just how much yarn and how many books and pattern I have.

jackie said...

nice stash! i always felt if i didn't have a real "place" for it then i didn't really have stash so could just keep buying yarn!

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

my stash is an organized mess. I will probably about die when I do get it unmessed, to see what I really have aquired.